A Snag in the New Year

As a runner, I’ve learned that I’m going to face several triumphs and obstacles throughout my running “career”. For me, career is considered the time of my life in which I will be running and not necessarily elite status; although, I wouldn’t turn down a sponsor…hello, Brooks, Flipbelt…Balega…anyone?

First, all runners will accomplish a personal record or PR (sometimes called a personal best or PB). The first time you run, nothing has been recorded yet; therefore, your result will be your PR. It becomes the baseline for your future races, usually at the same distance. Second, you will inevitably face frustrating setbacks in the form of injuries. That is the nature of being a runner. Those who are willing to run the distance, deal with injuries, and then come back and do it all over again is someone who I’d consider a runner.

I know this because that’s exactly what has happened to me on numerous occasions. It is something that is happening to me now. As previously written, I’ve been dealing with a shin splint on my right leg that has been extremely painful. I deferred the Charleston Marathon for just this reason. I had another run scheduled for the end of February, so I knew that it couldn’t be ignored.

Last week, I decided to see my podiatrist, Dr. Brian Fullem. Dr. Fullem is a runner and knows all of the injuries that runners face; he has experienced them himself. After a few painful pokes, prods, and “Does it hurt here. How about now?”, we both knew the diagnosis. “Let’s take an X-ray just to make sure.” He did and there it was staring me in the face; my source of pain over the past few weeks.

Shin splints are a pain in the as…er…leg but they can be treated fairly quickly and with little effort outside of the norm. I didn’t have shin splints. My shin splints, for the most part, were gone. My pain was from a hairline fracture just above the ankle. Translation…a minimum of 6 weeks of recovery time at best, 8 weeks, at worst. The Gasparilla Distance Classic Challenge (30.4 miles in 2 days), which I was ambitious to attempt last year and crazy enough to try again this year, is 5 weeks away. A series of 3 shockwave therapy sessions is what the doctor ordered. Many prayers are what I ordered.

Hairline Fracture is located above the arrow.

This is what I signed up for. I am a runner!