The Beginning…

The beginning of the story…

To get to the finish line, you must first start well before the starting line. This metaphor is about life, not just a feet-to-the-pavement race. I started Runner’s Notebook for three main reasons; to keep me accountable, to keep track of my training schedule, and to give others an insight into my fairly new life of running. Frankly, if I can accomplish my first objective, I’ll be happy and will have succeeded.

“To get the finish line, you must first start well before the starting line.”

– Troy Salisbury

Why do I run? I’ve been asked this question more times than I can count on two hands. Many people run to escape the craziness of life. Sure, I do that too. They want to run away from their problems, release tension, and let the road be their therapist. I could claim all of the same reasons. I believe ever runner could. I have a good life; one that I’m not trying to run away from. It is one that I try to cherish every moment of and not squander. Running helps me do that. I like the feeling of running. The accomplishment of finishing a race with a new personal record (or personal best). The adrenaline of finishing an ever-moving goal that I once felt was out of reach has become a great feeling. That’s why I run.

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