A Christmas Miracle

It was Thanksgiving day that I received word that I had been accepted to the Alzheimer’s Society Team for the 2020 BMW Berlin Marathon. I was also given an amount that I needed to raise in order to obtain a spot in this prestigeous World Marathon Major. That amount was 1,000 Euros or approximately $1,200 U.S. dollars. Even though this was a large goal, I knew it wasn’t impossible; especially, given my supportive family and friends.

After receiving many generous donations from my wonderful family and friends, I received the donation that helped me to reach the 100% mark on Monday. This very generous donation came from, no other than my brother Jason and his wife Marisa. I am extremely grateful to them and all of the other supporters who helped me reach this mark in such a short time.

I may have reached the 100% mark; however, it will take more than my goal to help reach a cure. My initial goal may have been $1,200 but I’d like to raise much more. If your heart moves you to support my cause, please donate. To those who already have; I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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