The Smile is Fake

My Smile is Fake. Since Memorial Day, I’ve been running at least 1 mile each day to keep my Runner’s World Run Streak going. Today’s run was different. Even though I have a smile on my face and my usual thumbs up at the end of the run, it was fake. Prior to today’s run, I had finished listening to the first hearings in the Ahmaud Arbery case. The details were pretty clear and angered me. Maud was chased down like an animal by 3 racists who don’t deserve to share the same air as the rest of the civilized world. Maud was running, as I was running today. The difference? I have “white privilege” and he didn’t. It sickens me. This run was not like the others. It was very different. It was emotional. I tried to put myself in the shoes of my fellow runner who is now gone too soon. I saw a truck coming my direction but the driver passed me with only a wave. He didn’t question why I was running or what I was doing. No, he kept going. Another car passed with the same result. So, why was this not the case with Maud? Why? Because he was black and he was running. A light in the world now gone. Today, even more than my tribute run weeks before, #IRunWithMaud#IRunForGeorgeFloyd#IRunForEquality, and I run for a world that no longer sees color and treats people with respect, no matter their skin color. I run with you!